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You are being robbed

by Arcimaestro Antares

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With this plugin, there is a new topic: you are being robbed.
After you use the topic, if the victim accepts your violence, click again on it. This will open the npc's inventory. Take the items you want. Then you can take all the items the victim has on tables, chests etc...he won't attack you and will not put a bounty on you.When you leave the cell, the effect ends.
If there is someone else in the cell, they may attack you and put a bounty on you as normal. So, you should use it only if the Npc is alone.

To start, go to Ra'virr in Balmora and buy the Black Scarf.
To use the topic "you are being robbed", you must wear a scarf.
The guards and Ordinators don't have this topic.
You must handle a weapon, otherwise, there is no possibility to scare anyone.
Members of the Morag Tong, Camonna Tong, Assassins, Assassin Service, Vampire, will always react badly.
If your victim is a member of one of your factions, you'll be expelled.

NOTE: requires Tribunal or Bloodmoon because it uses the function GetWeaponDrawn.


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