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Tel Uvirith

 by Arcimaestro Antares

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This plugin modifies the inside of Tel Uvirith and the area around it, and adds a quest.

- throne room with teleport ring
- large library
- study with dozens of Spell Books
- laboratory with anything you need to enchant items or make potions (and maybe a small portal to Oblivion, to trap Daedra)
- apprentice (you may chooce your own apprentice among the mages, sorcerers, etc... of House Telvanni)
- dungeon with monsters and bandits, and a powerful Guardian that will protect the dungeon
- tower guards and a Captain that can raid the dungeon
- 6 armor mannequins
- a quest (once the LIbrary is complete, read the book on the daedric desk)


- if in your tower you have your objects, before you load this mod, load a safe game, take all of them and go out. Save and reload now with this mod.

- before you play this mod, disable any mods that influences Tel Uvirith or the area around it.

If it is possible, use a “clean” save to play the mod.

- this plugin may or may not invalidate your old saved games.When you reload the saved game without the plugin, some areas may be permanently changed. So, make a copy of all your saved games before you use this.


With this mod I highly recommend the use of the mod

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