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Suggested Morrowind Mods

Suggested Mods

Here is a list of my favorite mods for Morrowind        



Things that should already exist in the original game

Good Game Improvements

Quest Mods


Graphic Mods


Things that should already exist in the original game

- Animated Practice Dummies    
Replaces the old non-animated dummies with animated practice dummies.     

- Fligg's Slave Mod
You can buy/sell slaves from the slave markets in the game.

- Graphic Herbalism
The plants are not as containers anymore. Click on them to harvest the ingredients. In this mod only the part you pick disappears.

- Healers  
The Npcs healers, now can heal you for a fee.

- Improved Gold Weight
Gives gold weight

- Less Lore
It removes generic responses that the user is likely to already know, or which is no longer relevant since the quest has been completed

- Living Cities of Vvardenfell
During the day, the Npcs go out in shops, taverns ecc... the night lock the doors and stay indoor.

- Passive Healthy Wildlife
The animals do not attack you on sight anymore.

- Sixth House
Join the malevolent Sixth House and serve your Lord Dagoth Ur.

- Unofficial Morrowind Patch
Fixes most of the bugs and other problems in Morrowind.

- Vivec Voice Addon (Tribunal version)
It adds a real voice to Vivec's dialogue.

- Welcome to the Arena!
With this mod, you can fight and bet for fights in the Vivec's Arena.


Good Game Improvements

- Almalexia Voice Addon
It adds a real voice to Almalexia's dialogue.

- Animated Containers

- Armor Mannequin
You can buy, sell, place wooden mannequins to expose your armor.

- Boats
Real time boat travel.

- Children of Morrowind
It adds the children in the streets/houses of Morrowind.

- Dagoth Ur Voice Addon
It adds a real voice to Dagoth Ur's dialogue.

- Dave Humphrey's Furniture Store
You can sell,buy, place furnitures (chests, tables, ecc..)

- Fashionable Merchants
The traders don't wear anymore the armor you sell to them, so you can buy them again.

- Gondoliers
Real time gondola travel.

- Less Generic Npc
It adds new dialogues to many Npcs to give them their own personality and background.

- Morrowind Comes Alive
Randomly adds a lot of Npcs to towns to give more life to them.

- Morrowind Crafting
You can use the items in the game to make weapons, armors, clothes, furnitures etc...

- Necessities of Morrowind
It adds to the game the need to eat, drink and sleep for your character.

- Ranger Tent - Carry-able Home
Buy a carriable tent to sleep in the wilderness.

- Resource Enhanced
To collect raw ebony / glass / diamond / adamantium you have to actually mine them using a miner's pick and hitting the rocks.

- Romance
The mod allows the player to romance, marry, and have children.

- Silt Striders
View the real travel using the Silt Sdrider.



Tamriel Rebuilt Map1: Telvannis
Adds another province of Morrowind to the game.

Tamriel Rebuilt Map 2: Antediluvian Secrets
Adds another province of Morrowind to the game.


Graphic Mods

- Azura Replacer

-Better Almalexia

- Better Bodies

- Better Clothes

- Book Jackets

- Dremora Lords
Each Dremora Lord, wears one of the Daedric Helms

- Extra High Resolution Female Textures for Better Bodies

- Particle Arrow Replacer
Replaces all the original enchanted arrows and bolts from the game with particle effect versions.

- Pluginless NoGlow
Removes magic "plastic wrap" effect without breaking bumpmapping or Detect spells.

- New NPC Replacer

- Slof's Better Beasts

- Tribunal Royal Guard Black Recolor

- Unique Finery Replacer
Gives unique appearence to unique items

- Weathered Signs
- Signy Signposts(!): Vvardenfell

Changes the unreadable roadsigns to readable roadsigns.


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