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My Mods

Here is the list of the mods I released for Morrowind. Click on the name of the mod to view its full description, screenshots and go to the download page.

Antares' Big Mod
With this mod you have special privileges with the lower ranking members of your faction. You can: promote them, teach spells to them and be paid for it,  teach disciplines to them and be paid for it,  reward them, expel them from the faction. The Guild of Mages and House Telvanni members can be sent on mission to collect ingredients for you.
Moreover, some NPCs may offer their special services: the Scouts can take you to every place in Vvardenfell;
the Alchemists and Apothecaries may prepare potions by request; the Smiths may forge weapons and armor by request; the Assassins and Morag Tong members can be hired to execute a target;  the Thieves Guild members can be hired to steal items from the Npcs.

Animated Morrowind 
This mod adds some new animated Npcs to the world, and gives animations to some Npcs of the original game.

Antares' Tribunal Main Quest
An alternative Main Quest for Tribunal.

Antares' Creatures
Some mods that add new creatures to the game.

Antares' Little Mods
This is a collection of many of my smaller mods.

Archmage's Tower
A tower for the PC when he reaches the rank of Arch-Mage.

Dungeon & Diamond
A dungeon with new creatures, traps, and a unique diamond, await you.

Golden Gold & Shining Gold
In Morrowind, the gold coins look too green. These mods (Golden Gold & Shining Gold) change the textures and icon of the gold coins with more golden ones.

Golden Saint Armor
This mod adds a Golden Saint Armor to the game, wearable by the player.

Go to Jail
This mod adds prisons to the game, where you go to pay your debt to society when you are caught by the Guards and choose "Go to Jail".

Living Armor
Learn how to animate most of the armor of the world of Morrowind, making with them invincible warriors.

Living Sword
Find a legendary sword that can fly and fight your opponents.

Tel Uvirith
This plugin modifies the inside of Tel Uvirith and the area around it, and adds some quests.

The Dark Wood
This mod adds a dangerous wood in Vvardenfell.

Undead: Arise from Death 
This mod adds zombies, mummies, liches, necromancers, banshee, unique ghost models, skeletons that actually arise and more.

You are being robbed
You may intimidate other Npcs that will give you thir possessions.


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