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Go to Jail

 by Arcimaestro Antares

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With this plugin, when you choose "go to jail",

-if your bounty is 1-999, you will go to the closest jail. I used the cells already existent and I created many others.
In some cells, you may speak to the guards and bribe them. If their disposition is 90 o higher, tell them "Let me out" and they will let you free.
-  If your bounty is 1000-4999, you'll go to an Imperial Ebony Mine and you must work! To mine the Ebony Rock, just hit them with the Miner's Pick.
If you force the door and flee, or if you teleport yourself somewhere else, you will earn a death warrant!

If you do a crime at the High Fine or at the Temple of Vivec, you'll go to the Ministery of Justice and your prisony will never end.

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