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Archmage's Tower

 by Arcimaestro Antares

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There is a useless tower in Ebonheart (It is the highest tower of Ebonheart) there was only a staircase inside. I used it as a Tower for the Arch-Mage.  Once you are Arch-Mage, talk to the Duke Vedam Dren in Ebonheart or any member of the Mages Guild to take possession of it.


Private Study:
- library with dozens of Spell Books. Read them and try to learn the most useful spells.
- Crystal Ball carriable, enchanted with Detect Creature, Detect Magic and Detect Key. Can also show you all the local map, when used.
- Wizard Hat that can teleport you back to the Tower once per day
- a magic portal that can teleport you to Mournhold and the otehr guild of mages

- apprentice that can sort your ingredients (and fetch ingredients for you, if you use also the mod "Archmage's Privileges" or "Antares' Big Mod"
- desk that increase your enchant skill.
- 2 useful books that describe the ingredients for any potion.
- a cauldron that automatically makes potions (just place some ingedients in the cauldron)
- a set of non pickupable Alchemist's Apparatus.
- a magical broom that cleans






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