Arcimaestro Antares

Suggested Morrowind Mods

Antares' Little Mods

by Arcimaestro Antares


This is a collection of many of my smaller mods that I did for myself. Click on the names below to download them (DIRECT DOWNLOAD)


- Advanced Steam Centurion
This mod replaces the Advanced Steam Centurion of Tribunal with a new model made by me using the pieces of the broken dwemer robot that may be found in the dwemer ruins. SCREENSHOT

- Ald-Ruhn Game of three cups
This mod adds a dunmer to the Rat in the Pot, in Ald-Ruhn. He'll invite you to play the game of the three cups. Three cups under which he hides a coin. Try to find the coin to earn some money.

- beware of pickpockets!
I have added pickpockets to many crowded public places of Vvardenfell, like taverns and plazas in Vivec. They are named simply "commoner", so that if you use the popular mod "Morrowind Comes Alive", you may not recognize them as pickpockets. When they walk next to you, there is a chance they steal 10-100 gold from you. If your sneak skill is high, it will be harder for them to succeed. You have in any case the chance to catch them.

- Bounty Hunters
This mod adds the Bounty Hunters as encounters in the game. They are tough Npcs that will try to take you to prison (or to kill you) if your bounty is 500 or over. They can be met in taverns or in the wilderness.

- brigands
There is a dark street in Balmora, that is ideal, in my opinion, for brigands. I don't know why, but I have never seen a mod that adds brigands there. So I did it :)
I added also the chance to meet them in a dark corner of Ald Ruhn.

- Camonna Tong's violence
Every one in Balmora tell you to stay far from the Council Club, because there, they are creazy and bloody criminals.... in truth the Npcs there are like everyone else. This mod adds a script to all the Npcs in the Council CLub of Balmora, so that if their disposition is too low (under 35) they will attack you.
Moreover, it is dangerous to sleep in the bed there...someone may steal from you or try to kill you.

- Chariots
This mod adds 8 caravaners with chariots drawn by guars. They work in Seyda Neen, Balmora, Pelagiad, Caldera, Ald-Ruhn, Bal Isra, Odai Plateau and Fort Buckmoth.

- Clerical Robes
This mod simply gives to all the members of the Temple, the identical robe, so that the PC can recognize from it who is a priest. The warrior classes are not dressed with the robes.
Moreover, I changed the name and the category of some other clothes. There were a few clothes that, in my opinion, were in the wrong category. For example, beautiful robe that was simply a common robe, now is extravagant and so on.

- Drillmaster and Master at Arms
With this mod, you can actually combat with a trainer, for 100 gold per lesson.

- Enchanting Desk
In the Guilds of Mages of Ald-Ruhn, Balmora, Caldera, Sadrith Mora and Vivec, there is an "Enchanting Desk". It can be used only by the members of the Guild, and its use will increase greatly your enchanting skill so that will be a lot easier to enchant the items. SCREENSHOT

- Knock Knock Mod
The doors of the houses and shops in some towns are closed during the night (8 pm - 8 am).
- the Mages Guild is always open if you are member of the guild
- the Tavern is always open
- if you click on a door you listen a sound (the "knock knock") and then the door opens
- if you unlock a door during the night, enter a house and someone watches you, your crime will be reported

- Living Statues of Malacath
In some Shrines of the Daedra Lord Malacath, you may find also some statues of the god. However, they are not simply statues. They may in fact become animated powerful warriors.

- Master Trainers
The Master Trainers are the most experienced trainers, trainers which may raise a skill to its maximum level.
Most of them are very hard to find. So, in this mod, some Npcs (the two highest ranks of the Mages, Fighters, and Thieves Guild) know who are the Master Trainers of Vvardenfell and where to find them. Also the other major trainers of that skill are mentioned, if they exist.

- Night Helms
The Dark Brotherhood and the Morag Tong Helms, now give you Night Eye 20/30 points and Marksman +5/+10.They work via script. They are not enchanted.. This mod requires Tribunal

- No trespassing Ald-Ruhn, - No trespassing Balmora, - No trespassing Caldera, - No trespassing Ebonheart, Maar Gan, - No trespassing Mournhold, - No trespassing Pelagiad, - No trespassing Suran, - No trespassing Vivec, Molag Mar.
In Morrowind is very ugly that you can enter and visit (and sack) all the houses. In this mods, the houses and shops have more walls and doors that close the private areas. SCREENSHOT

- Oil Flask
In this mod, you can break Oil Flasks at the gound, and burn them with a torch, making them an obstacle of fire for the enemies (like in the gane "Thief Deeadly Shadows".

- Publicans
Many Npc that should be publican, because they rule a place that is a tavern, are not publican. Sometimes, when you ask in a town about "services" they send you to the local publican, but when you meet him, you discover he is a thief, a trader ecc...
This mod changes all of them to Publicans. Apparently this works if you start a new game. If you use an old save game, these character are not altered.

- Scrolls and SoulGems
The enchanters in the 5 Guild of Mages in Vvardenfell, can now sell you blank scrolls with 180 enchantment points each, to enchant.
Moreover, they have now also SoulGems (filled and empty) to sell.
The scrolls and the SoulGems restock daily.

- Sorting Urns
In the Guilds of Mages of Ald-Ruhn, Balmora, Caldera and Vivec, there is an "Ingredients Urn". When you activate it while sneaking, all the ingredients in your inventory will be moved into that urn.

- The Doors - Ald-Ruhn; - The Doors - Balmora, Suran; - The Doors - Caldera
This mod adds a couple of City Doors to the city of Balmora. Ald-Ruhn, Caldera and Suran. These doors are closed during the night and open in the morning.  SCREENSHOT - SCREENSHOT  

- Traps
Ra'Virr the Trader in Balmora, can sell you 2 traps. You can place them where you want and damage the enemies that stand on them. REQUIREMENT: Tribunal or Bloodmoon VIDEO ON YOU TUBE

- Venefic Vials
Ra'Virr the Trader in Balmora, can sell you venefic vials.
You can drop them at the ground. If someone walks on them, they'll break and release a venefic cloud that will damage who stand around.
There is also a thrownable version of these vials.


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