Arcimaestro Antares

Suggested Morrowind Mods


Dialogue Tutorial

Making a Quest For Morrowind: A Very Basic Tutorial

Morrowind Animations with Blender
This is a tutorial made by me. A How-to animate using Blender. Also some useful files are provided.

Morrowind-Creatures in Blender

Morrowind Icons with Gimp

Morrowind Mod Maker's Manual

Morrowind Scripting for Dummies 9.0



Morrowind Enchanted Editor

Mod Prepare
Clears the dependency of plugins from master files

With it you can take an existing NIF file and assign new textures to it

ReOrder Mods
to change the load order of the mods

TesFiles (see also here)
A tool for packaging all files in a Morrowind Mod, or uninstalling a Morrowind Mod.


Free Graphic Software

- Blender : a modelling program

- NifSkope : a program to edit Nif format file (the format of many files in Morrowind)

- Gimp : a program to make textures and icons


Free sound programs and sites

- Media Coder : a program to transcode the audio files to the format for Morrowind (mp3, wav) 

Free sites you can download sounds from:

- SoundSnap

- FreeSound

- SoundDogs (from this site, you may download a short prewiew of the sounds, but it is still useful)


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